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Shemiaka is the first registered breeder of Siberians in South Australia. We are located in the Adelaide Hills a short 15 minute drive up the freeway in the beautiful historic township of Hahndorf.  We were first introduced to this beautiful breed by my sister who suffers from severe allergies and asthma as does my family.  She has never been able to come in contact with cats without having an allergic reaction until she was made aware of this alleged hypo-allergenic breed.  Her family now lives harmoniously with two Siberians.  My sister’s success led us to acquire our first Siberian, Miakoschka Kira, who has been our inspiration to promote this wonderful breed. Since then we have imported many new lines from Europe and Russia.

Our cats are reared in a loving environment, treated as part of our family and are well socialised with children and pets.

Beautiful Siberians raised with love by our family for yours


Siberian cats are often considered hypo-allergenic because many people with cat allergies have little or no reaction to them.  These cats, in comparison to other domestic cats, have very little of the protein FEL-D1.

This protein is transmitted through saliva onto the fur when a cat cleans itself leaving dander which, in other cats, is known to affect those with cat allergies.

The Siberian

The Siberian cat is thought to have originated in Russia and first appeared in documented history in the year 1000.  They were first imported to the USA in 1990 and to Australia in 2002.

Siberians are very affectionate, intelligent, playful, gentle and loyal, leading many to describe their character as dog-like.  They have a triple purr and unlike other breeds make a ‘chirping’ sound when they greet you.  They are very inquisitive by nature and they are fascinated by water.  These cats are good with children and adjust well to other pets making them an ideal addition to any family.

They are a medium to large cat with a moderately long haired coat in various colours and patterns.  Maturity can take up to five years  Physically they are strong, powerful and very agile with males being larger than females. The facial expression is alert but sweet with large almost round eyes. The general impression of the cat is one of circles and roundness rather than angular as in some other breeds. 


Shemiaka Siberians  - Sherrie Noble

Beautiful Siberians raised with love by our family for yours

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